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    Pull of a Lifetime--Ruth/gehrig GU #d 4/5

    MY best friend just pulled a 2003 leaf limited dual GU Jersey of babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig #d 4/5. I will be selling this card for him. If you are intersted and want to make a serious offer, please email me at

    He also pulled a Dual Mattingly Yogi berra Gu Jerseys #D 25/25.



  2. Kronozio
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    yeah my buddy is stoked and so am I, just to have that card in my possesion gets me all excited.

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    Dude, you have no idea how much I wish I could afford that.

    That is too sweet!

    If he wants to trade it (a guy can hope) PLMK because I would give him one helluva deal in trade.

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    he is just looking to sell, the only other one of these that has seen Ebay went for $880 and it was #1/5.

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    You can probably get a lot more than $880 on ebay for that card. I say list it on ebay and spend the extra money for listing it as a feature auction.

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    Isn't it $100 to make it a feature auction?? Thats alot of cash. I could be wrong though. I might just start it out at a crazy price, or set a reserve, not sure. I hate reserve auctions, I never bid on themmyself. What do you think?? Any opinions?


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    You can just set the price high, thats the easiest thing i could think of, but thats a nice cards how many boxes did you have to buy in order to pull it?

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    well they are $55 packs, he bought one box yesterday, but has probably boughten 4 boxes total. But has been pretty lucky, lots of nice cards #d/5. But this is by far the best. I just don;t know what to start the bidding at.

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