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Thread: 04 Timelines GU FT W/scans!

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    04 Timelines GU FT W/scans!

    Boys of summer Darryl Strawberry Jersey 2 color
    Boys of summer Doc Gooden Jersey 2 color
    Call to the Hall Reggie Jackson GU bat

    Looking for other jerseys in return, or stuff i need from my sig. Thanks!

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    Any idea of a bv that you're looking for the Jackson ?

    I have a 2003 Studio Leather & Lumber Jim Thome # LL-21 Bat #d 317/400 if you are interested.

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    Not too sure on the BV on the jackson, or the BV im looking for......the Thome is a great offer, but not really looking for a Thome in return.

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