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Thread: Trade or Sell?

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    Trade or Sell?

    I am not much of hockey Fan~I just happen to have these cards, I have no idea how much they worth or anything about hteses players.

    1990 Score, 1st round draft choice Martin Brodeur, #439
    1991 O-Pee-Chee or NHLpa? Jeremy Roenick, #100

    plz let me know if interested~:)

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    Your Broduer is a rc. His ONLY rc. Might be one to hang on to, even if your not a hockey collector. bv is 8

    The other os from 90-91 OPC premier, bv 5 also a rc

    some one will want them. JEFF

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    for sure the brodeur is a good one...i would get rid of the roenick

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    oh icic~ great Thanks for info guys~

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    Yeah, I would like to trade the card...Just not into hockey~
    Do you have basketball kobe or T-mac card?

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    Do you have Kobe or T-mac?

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    nope, only basketball cards I have is Tim Duncan, I got a Vince Carter 5$ and a couple of Grant Hill's

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