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Thread: What would you do?

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    What would you do?

    I got a great deal on a Peja Auto Focus autographed glass card. Got it for about $12. in the middle of the night on Ebay and spent $2.00 on shipping. Well the dunce mailed it in a plain envelope and completely unprotected. It arrived in three pieces. It was not even in a top loader.

    The seller says, well no insurance, it's your problem. I know, from my own sales that insurance would not have covered this anyway as is specifically excludes breakage of fragile items. I've bought I lot recently on ebay and less than 10% of the time does someone ship in a regular envelope - I've never had anyone ship without even a toploader. Since I can get no response from the seller, I guess I just eat my $15 - but the loss of the card is worse than the loss of the cash. I suppose it would be dishonest to send it in to Ebay and just see if they would be willing to swap out? You know I guess I already know the answer to that. I guess I just wanted to blow off some steam and didn't want to get into a flame war on feedback since I have 400+ with zero negatives. Then again I feel like I should post a negative to warn any potential buyers. What do you think? Risk it, or forget it?

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    I think you have to contact the seller first and go from there.
    If he is selling lots of items on ebay, he might just give you a refund.
    That's the problem of those plexiglass cards.
    They are too thick to put it in any top loader....
    And if you can scan the card and show it to the seller, it is more convincing.
    Hope this helps...

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    I've already gone that route. Unfortunately this seller only has a feedback of 26 and I guess I didn't look before I bid, but from those 26 he has three negatives. So he doesn't really have a reputation to protect. It really was a great card, he shipped it quickly, it just burns me up that I lost a great card because he spent 37 cents to mail it instead of the 49 cents it costs to mail a padded envelope. Looks like I'm just out of luck. Now with Jeja on fire I don't have much chance of getting another for the same price. Oh well, guess you get what you pay for.

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    im sorry to hear that. you could send it in to upperdeck w/ an excuse and see if they'd replace it. it may be worth the stamp to try
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    I have a j-rich autofocus from a trade, the trader sent it in a regular envelope, I recieved it cracked in two...check out the scan.......trader is settling it with me.........heres a scan.......Good luck with your transaction!

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    That looks just like mine, but also the other end. I think maybe folks figure these are sturdy plex-glass and don't realize they appear to be actual glass or at least a very rigid plastic. It looks like they'll be great for avoiding dings, but these are the first cards I've had that could actually break.

    There's one on Ebay right now with a $16.99 Buy-it-now. I think I may do that and just write this one off. I guess I spend the stamp and see what UD says. But it's really not their fault so I don't think I can get myself to do that.

    Shoot I hate doing this - now I see a five color Peja patch #/50 for about the same price so now I'm in my delima. I just hate buying the same thing twice. It's like when I have a CD scratch, even if it's a favorite it kills me to go buy it again.

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    :neutral: Thats gotta suck. sorry to hear that your card got busted up. Guess i'm glad i pulled that card of peja. I would probably take the chance with upperdeck and see what they would do. Don't be afraid to to leave a negatice feedback, or if u don't what the bad rep commin back just leave a neutral and explain why u left it. You need to let others know, but it isn't cool that you got the short end of the deal.

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    I know what your saying, I love the look of those cards but when they sit in a cold bin overnight they become VERY brittle, and it looks like unless they're well protected, youve got your self a great UD Glass Break!

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    yeah they proably are the worst cards to ship, being fragile. Really need to make sure that they r protected very well like u said. I would just assume like most people that the seller would have used his head, i mean yeah they look strong and they r bigger, but they make bigger top loaders, and if u have ever had one of those cards you can bend them wit ease.

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    Give the guy a negative and see if you UD will replace it like bdrr said.

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