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    Yahoo Fantasy Baseball League...

    I have created a yahoo fantasy baseball league for anyone interested.

    There will be a live draft of Monday March 1 @ 6:30 pm The only requirements to join is that you HAVE to stay active all year long. I don't want anyone who is in multiple leagues and spends a day a week in this league. Commitment is all I ask.

    If you feel you can stay committed throughout the course of the year then please signup.

    Must hurry...only 15 spots available.

    Good Luck to all and Good Luck beatin "Dtrain's Squad." :)

    League ID Number: 12938
    League Name: Sportscardforum
    Password: SCF

    Sorry guys...I had some difficulty.....It should work now.

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    Everyone check the changes I made....I had some difficulties with the original draft time and date....check the changes.


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    Everyone hurry if you want in....only 9 spots left already!

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    Originally posted by go_cubs22
    When will the draft be?
    check the original message.

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