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    Exclamation Base/Common Cards For Trade!!!!MUST GET RID OF!!!!!

    Can anyone use these? Ill list #'s only if I get a serious offer.......Im really looking for anything for them, g/u or autos obviously, dirk nowitzki cards, maybe some decent rookies or low parallels, anything....I just have probably close to 10,000 cards and I have no more room for them!!!!!!

    2004 Leaf
    2003 Leaf
    2003 Fleer Rookies & Greats
    2002 Fleer Focus Jersey Edition
    2001 Studio
    2001 Pacific
    1997 Topps Finest
    1993 Pinnacle
    1993 Stadium Club
    1993 Fleer

    03/04 Bowman (REG/Chrome/Gold)
    98/99 Fleer Brilliants

    2003 Bowman
    2003 Skybox L.E.
    2002 Pacific Heads Update
    2000 Score
    1998 Bowman's Best
    1993 Upper Deck

    Hockey (?!):
    1992 Score

    I actually have a ton more, but if theres going to be no interest theres no reason to look through them, but If this gets a decent amount of responses I will...

    Please note, these are all BASE!!!!!! No RCs or Superstars, parallels, inserts, etc.....

  2. SCC Fall 2017
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    no ccs, I have no use for them, Id send you some free cards but I dont want to pay for shipping.......

    lazer sorry no texeira.....

    anyone else?


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