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    i opened a few packs of '04 Upper deck cards and got a star rookies dontrell willis.....wasn't his rookie in '03, i can't find it in beckett anywhere.......also opened a few packs of topps ('04) and got a all star stitches of preston wilson if anyone wants it....also a own the game Javy Lopez and a 1962 Program Cover reprint....all are for trade....
    any help on the willis would be appreciated! thanks

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    upper deck does for 01 i have a zito card that says "star rookie" they are worth a little more than the normal base card, but not anywhere near a rookie. Im thinking about $1.50 for that card. Also, Im intersted in the Wilson

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    What UD does is they put out cards that say Star Rooke on them after they have a solid rookie season. That does not mean its a RC.


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