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    Hook me up

    I have had this card for sometime and i'm suck and tired of e-mailin beckett and ™™™™ so i'm going out to you people. My 01-02 Michael Jordan Upper Deck Ovation Unc floor auto 6/23 has no book value, so if you all could help me out with what you think it might be worth it would be much appreciated.

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    Hello, I understand your frustration, but you must also understand that beckett cannot just "make up" a book value for rare cards. They go by secondary markets. With your card being so rare it is very tough to put a value on your card simply because you don't see many(if any) around. The only way you can find out what your card is worth(without estimating) is by putting it on an online auction site(ebay,yahoo, ect.) Or by trying to find a simlilar card to yours( Like Michael Game floor auto /23) and seeing what those cards are bringing in. If you are not planning on selling it. I could give you an estimate and I must agree with member Tracy Mcgrady that your card is worth around $700-$1000(maybe more in the future if you plan on holding it for some time to come). I hope this clears things up for you.

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    thanks t-mac and kobe, yes i understand that beckett can't do that but in every message i sent i asked for a estimate, and they would never say anything, they just sent it back saying they were sorry and that they could not do that. I didn't think it would be that difficult to estimate it since they get so much information on cards. But thanks for your input and yes i plan on keeping the card.

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