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Thread: wow look at this

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    wow look at this

    now since i got yur attention i need mariners ill buy all mariners commons roockies jersey bat wat ever or trade

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    I haven't heard back from you on the lot you were considering buying from me...

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    sry i got a litle side tracked with other things umm tell me wat u were goin to send

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    You also never replied to my email. You told me what you were interested in but never replied back after I asked you how much you would pay......

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    sry ive had alot to do wat were u goin to trade im really sry

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    I forget what it was. I deleted the e-mail. I remember sending you a list of what I had and there were 4 or 5 you were interested in.

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    ok let me check my trash for my email thanks for telling me

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    I emailed you too, I have a clint nageotte bowmans best uncirculated autographed rc (only 20 made) lmk thanks

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