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Thread: Will pay cc for Kobe Bryant

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    Will pay cc for Kobe Bryant

    I'll pay cc for any Kobe Bryant cards I don't have, base, inserts, rc's, gu, anything!

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    00-01 UD Ult Victory Victory Parallel Fly2Kobe #75 /350 BV $25
    320 CC if you need it

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    I have 2 signed Kobe Bryant autographs on trading cards with COA's and I also have a signed 8x10 Kobe with a Holo with COA and with photo proof. Let me know if interested.

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    ud victory #41 kobe bryant
    ud victory nba allstars #135 (insert)

    not rilly interested in CC but will trade for any of your bibbys lmk thanks

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    bdrr: let me think about that for a little

    MikeY11: that sounds good to me, you have any amare base cards? I also really like this card:

    TJ Ford Signs of the future Auto
    what's the bv and would you trade it?

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    Mike you never replied to my PM, how about I'll trade you one of my bibby rc's for the 2 kobe base and the amare base?

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