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Thread: lets make a deal

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    lets make a deal

    trading has been slow looking to make a deal today chek my site

  2. SCC Black Friday 2017
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    i don't collect hockey but i have a few. would you be interested in trading card for card for any packers? lmk and i can see how many canucks i have. thanks

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    ok lmk what u have looking for other cards to not only canucks

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    for canucks there's 11 base and an insert, score gold line. i can list the other hockey i have the same way if you'd like.

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    i know nothing about hockey and don't want to go thru looking for rookies. i just thought you collect canucks and i had some.

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    well makle this easier for u?
    rookies in the past 3 years

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    i'm afraid i can't be of any help to your collection. maybe next time.

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