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    I've got 10 cards, BV $26.90. Would like to sell for $8 delivered or trade for stuff from my sig.

    1998 Collector's Edge Impulse Pro Signatures 4 Ricky Davis
    1998-99 Bowman's Best 119 Ricky Davis
    1998-99 Finest 244 Ricky Davis
    1998-99 Topps 118 Ricky Davis
    1998-99 Upper Deck 330 Ricky Davis
    1999-00 Fleer Rookie Sensations 3 Ricky Davis
    2000-01 Upper Deck Victory 24 Ricky Davis
    2002-03 Hoops Stars 31 Ricky Davis
    2002-03 Topps Xpectations 22 Ricky Davis
    2002-03 Upper Deck MVP Gold 29 Ricky Davis

  2. SCC Fall 2017
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    1998 Collector's Edge Impulse Pro Signatures 4 Ricky Davis

    Need that badly!!!! I have 2 im trying to get as many as I can, for what reason? I dont know lol.....but I am.......

    I dont need any of the other cards......and unfortuantely all I have from your tradelist wants is a Carlos Boozer Upper Deck RC I believe.....

    But I have a ton of stuff on my site, maybe you can find something ........

    I'd really like to get out of football.....

    Take a look and LMK........

    The BV on the ricky davis is $5, but I can give you more in trade depending on what you need.....

    Please reserve this card for me!


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    Didn't see anything on either site I can use. Would prefer to unload as a lot, that's why I have the buy price so cheap.

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    well how much do you want just for the ricky davis auto?

    BV is only $5.....

    I dont want any of the other cards, I know you want to sell as a lot but theres no point in my paying $8 for a $5 auto.....


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