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Thread: Random Sports Trivia #74

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    Random Sports Trivia #74

    For 30 CardCash:

    What major sports league was the first to establish a web site on the internet?

    Not too many choices here so you gotta act fast!

    Only 1 answer per member. :)


  2. Kronozio
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    Nice job WdWain...nice to see different winners for the Random Trivia!!

    Don't forget the NBA Finals contest either, you're near the leaders. And there's plenty of games left to make up the ground

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    i never know when these are, everytime i see them, they get answered already

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    Ya same with me

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    podstock, Thanks for the NBA Finals contest.

    This is second Random Trivia i have won so far!
    Lefty usually wins them all (lol)

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