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Thread: $1-$2 autograph list

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    $1-$2 autograph list

    I can't stand having these autographs around taking up space, so I'm selling them for the price listed plus and SASE. Here's the list:

    $1 cards:
    1999 Press Pass Quincy Lewis auto
    1999 Press Pass Jeff Foster auto
    1999 Press Pass Melvin Levett auto
    2000-2001 Sage Jaquay Walls auto #267/999
    2000-2001 Sage Justin Love auto #639/999

    $2 cards:

    1999 Sage Michael Ruffin auto #271/650
    1999 Press Pass Lari Ketner Blue #73/500
    1999 Press Pass Francisco Elson auto
    1999 Press Pass Lee Nailon autograph

    Other stuff I'd also like to sell:

    2002-2003 SAGE Kelly Wise Silver auto #39/240 BV $12 will sell for $4
    2001 SP Game Floor Edition Kobe Bryant Game Used Floor Sell for $10
    2001 Sp Game Floor Edition Shaquille O'Neal Game Used All Star Floor Sell for $15

    LMK if interested in anything. Shaq and Kobe I'd be willing to trade for autographs in baseball and football if you don't want to buy.
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