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    New Cards For TRade (ROOKIES!!!)

    Bought a box of Topps (i think it was retail not sure) for 33 bux, the guy said hes putting it to 54 once i left, and he did lol...

    but... I GOT CRAP lol... the only two cards where melo and lebron i was happy to get thsoe... all cards are for trade except the melo and lebron as i will be selling those :)
    Black Border: Wally Szerbiac (#ed/500)

    IF U ARE LOOKING FOR NE ROOKS POST HERE ... IM LOOKING FOR RIDNOUR, and might consider reece gaines
    i also picked up a few packs

    got 2 packs of SPX bkball 03-04
    pulled Shawn Marion Spxcellence #ed/3999
    Dual Warmups of Larry Hughes and Kwame Brown

    1 pack of Sp authentic fball 03

    1 pack of 02 Contenders
    insert of Marshall Faulk (dont know which)

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    i will trade you a 03-04 topps chrome #124 luke ridinour for your wally topps black

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