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    For Trade: Gary Sheffield Auto #d /24!!

    2002 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Ultimate Signatures Gary Sheffield #d 05/24.

    It is not priced due to scarcity, I am trading it at $150 BV...

    Looking for multiple autos/gu

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    im interested in it, but im not sure about that value...

    check my page, and if i have cards/players you want well go from there


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    BV on these??

    1999 AUTOGRAPHICS corey maggette

    02-03 TOPPS TEN RELICS JSY kevin garnett
    02-03 FLAIR JERSEY HEIGHTS JSY allen iverson
    02-03 FLAIR SWEETSWATCH GU WU allen iverson
    02-03 ULTRA BACK2BACK GAMEUSED JSY allen iverson
    02-03 FLAIR COURTKINGS JERSEY jason kidd
    02-03 OVATION AUTHENTICS stephon marbury

    2002 PLAYOFFABSOLUTE TANDEMS glavine/maddux
    2002 UPPERDECK DIAMOND QUAD sheff/jones/jones/maddux
    2003 PLAYOFF PRESTIGE CONNECTIONS DUAL JSY rich aurilia/ jeff kent
    (Lowest bv on any of your bonds)

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    off that list i only know the higher dollar ones, which are :

    maggette bv60

    braves quad bv40

    playoff tandems bv30

    arrilia kent is gone, i forgot to remove it from my page..itwas $10

    the flair iverson is boxtopper jumbo, /500 i think, bv 25

    the other iversons and garnetts bv 20 believe, kidd too

    marbury is 15

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    i want the sheffield, but based on the other autos in the set that are listed, i couldnt do nearly 150 in trade..

    maybe the maggette auto and the braves quad for it


    4 of the basketball game used

    imo, the sheff would be worht 80 at most, but i do want it..


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    Where do you see what the others are listed? Keep in mind this is /24...

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    if its from the gu listed, i would feel comfortable doing 4 cards, since theyre all stars...
    if you wanted to do like 2 iversons, garnett, kidd, an marbury, i could possibly live with that..

    i know its a /24, but i dont think cards get multipied that much when theyre not listed..

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