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Thread: Super rare Iverson Card 5/25

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    Super rare Iverson Card 5/25

    I pulled an Allen Iverson Card today from 2002/2003 Fleer Genuine Basketball set.

    Genuine Leaders Gold
    White Jersey

    Serial number 5/25

    Seems to be one of the the hardest cards to pull out of the set.

    The problem I have is I cannot find a book value on this card due to scarcity. At least not in Beckett.

    Anyone have some idea what this card is worth?
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    its only worth what someone will pay you for it!

    I'd say a fair "value" to place on it would be $100-150 since its only a Jersey and not an auto....


    *EDIT: Its not a patch right? if not then ill stick with my price above, if it is a patch ill say around $150-200
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    If you sold it on Ebay my guess would be you would get $50 at most if you were lucky

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    02-03, the thing has an appropriate trade value of $80-120. no more, no less.
    jerseys are worth less and less recently. and unless its of james/anothony/jordan/kobe/t-mac/ming they dont sell particularly well. even garnett, shaq, stoudemire, and carter have dropped considerably

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