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    Need ALL Pudge Rodriguez MARLINS Cards

    GU, Auto's, Common, Inserts, etc. etc., I need all I do not already have, so please LMK what you have, thanks.

    I can also use any MALRINS cards of Andre Dawson, Dontrelle Willis, Miguel Cabrera, Gary Sheffield, Mike Piazza, and Tim Raines

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    I need more than a single common to work a deal, thanks anyway

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    nah thats ok, I never felt comfertable about that, its not right to just take someone else's stuff for no reason. Thanks again

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    i don't want the card...i don't care if you take the card for free...lmk

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    I understand that, but its moral thing for me, I would feel as if I was begging, and I wouldn't want others to do that to me, so why do it to others? Its more of a pride thing than anything else

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    lol is this a joke? think about what you just said, u offered it for free and I said no, now you want even more and expect a yes? think about that

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