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Thread: Nice inserts, check it out

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    Nice inserts, check it out

    Hey, I'm either trying to sell these or trade in your favor to get some auto's or GU to trade away at a show. Please make an offer if your interested, Thanks

    96 Score Dugout Collection Mark McGwire Artist Proof $30
    97 Donruss PowerAlley Mark McGwire $25
    97 Donruss Rookie Diamond Kings Vladimir Gurerro $10
    99 SP Authentic Reflections Derek Jeter $20
    01 Fleer Tradition Pujols $20, Ichiro $10, Texeria $8
    02 Leaf Burn n'Turn Jeter/ Soriano $25

    Will also look at any Phillies or Eagles you may have, Please let me know, Thanks

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    i really want the pujols, and possibly ichiro and teixiera

    what can i get for you

    take a look at my site and see what i have.


    2001-2002 Upper Deck Stanley Cup Finals Patrick Roy #FJ-PR

    2001-2002 Upper Deck Stanley Cup FInals Double #DJ-SF Sakic and Forsberg

    2000-2001 Upper Deck Ice Game Jersey Brendan Shanahan #I-SH


    2001 Bowman Senior Bowl #BJ-MF Mario Fatafehi

    2001 Bowman Senior Bowl #BJ-DBU Derrick Burgess

    2002 Bowman Rookie Flashback #RFR-DM Duece Mcallister


    2001 Bowman Draft Pick JERSEY #BDPR-JRH J.R. House

    2001 Bowman Draft Pick JERSEY #FGR-CH Carlos Hernandez

    2002 Bowman Game Used Bat Cesar Izturis #BR-CI

    2002 Bowman Game Used Jersey Ryan Dittfurth #BR-RD

    2002 Topps Traded Tools of the Trade #TTRR-JDB Johnny Damon

    2003 Bowman Future Fiber Casey Kotchman #FF-CK

    2003 Bowman Futures Game Francis Beltran #FG-FB

    2003 Bowman Futures Game Brett Evert #FG-BE

    2003 Bowman Futures Game Brad Baker #FG-BB

    2003 Bowman Futures Game Josh Karp #FG-JK

    2003 Bowman Draft Fabric of the Future Joe Mauer #FF-JM

    2003 Bowman Draft Prospect Premiums Nathan Haynes #PP-NH

    2003 Topps Traded Transactions #TT-KL Kenny Lofton

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    These are inserts? 01 Fleer Tradition Pujols $20, Ichiro $10, Texeria $8

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    Here are my autos

    1995 Classic 5 Sport

    Derrek Lee #120 AUTOGRAPH

    1997 Bowman

    1997 Bowman Eli Marrero #CA51

    1998 Bowman

    1998 Bowman Justin Towle #34

    1998 Bowman Paul Wilder #58

    1998 Bowman Jeff Abbott #65

    2000 Bowman

    2000 Bowman Kevin Witt #KJW

    2000 Bowman Draft Picks Autographs

    Pablo Ozuna #BDPA10

    (2) Eric Munson #BDPA13

    (2) Michael Wenner #BDPA17

    Mike Stodolka #BDPA24p>

    (2) Chad Durbin #BDPA27

    (2) Nick Green #BDPA29

    (2) Derek Thompson #BDPA30

    Brian Tollberg #BDPA36

    (2) Juan Salas #BDPA43

    Mike Lockwood #BDPA46

    (2) Yovanny Lara #BDPA47

    Keith Bucktrot #BDPA51

    (2) Erasmo Ramirez #BDPA54

    Mike Bynum #BDPA57

    2001 Bowman

    2001 Bowman Kevin Mench #BA-KM

    2001 Bowman Adrian Gonzalez #BA-AG

    2001 Bowman Brad Wilkerson #BA-BW

    2001 Bowman Freddie Bynum #BA-FB

    2001 Bowman Draft

    2001 Bowman Draft #BDPA-AH Aaron Herr

    2001 Bowman Draft #BDPA-JMW Justin Wayne

    2002 Bowman

    (2) 2002 Bowman Manny Delcarmen #BA-MD

    2002 Bowman Dan Wright #BA-DW

    2003 Bowman

    2003 Bowman Ben Kozlowski #SOF-BK

    2003 Bowman Prentice Redman #SOF-PR

    2003 Bowman Corey Hart #SOF-CJH

    2003 Team Topps Blue Chips #TT-MB Milton Bradley

    2003 Team TOpps Blue Chips #TT-BEP Brandon Phillips


    2000 Bowman Autograph #SM Sylvester Morris

    1999 Bowman Autograph #A15 Jermaine Fazande

    1999 Bowman Autograph Redemption #A25 Andy Katzenmoyer

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    Harr- I'll take a look and get back to you

    coolector- No, those are rookies from the set, sorry for the confusion

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    wttr575- well if harr0140 do take then check my site, thanks

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    Harr- would you trade these for the Pujols??
    03 Bowman Prentice redman auto
    03 Bowman Corey hart auto

    coolector- I like the Marlon Byrd Royal Rookies auto and the Jay Gibbons studio auto, Do you know the BV on the Gibbons??

    Also, I have the entire set from 01 Fleer with all the rookies, I just listed those 3 because they are the top ones. Let me know if you need anyone else from the set, Thanks

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    coolector- I also like the Eric Junge auto from your site

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    just these-01 Fleer Tradition Pujols $20, Ichiro $10, Texeria $8
    the gibbons books at $20
    the byrd books at $8
    the junge books at $10
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    If you haven't made the trade yet, I would like to give you a Brett Myers auto for the Pujols. LMK. Thanks

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