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Thread: Set Completing

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    Set Completing

    I am trying to collect two set of hockey cards at the moment and I wanna know if anyone can help me.

    I am trying to collect 2002-2003
    Upper Deck Piece Of History
    Upper Deck Honor Roll

    I will give you a list of the cards that I have in each set so far when I get them.

    If you have any cards from these sets (even commons) post a reply. I do need commons considering these are both big sets.

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    U have a lot of commons for Piece of history, a little in Honor Roll, what do you need I'll try to hook you up...

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    I have lots of Honor Roll and a Frolov (i think) POH.. let me know what Yzerman you have.

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    OK I will start with UD Honor Roll 2002-2003
    These are the cards that i have BTW
    1,2,8,11,12,17,18,21,32,34,35,41,44,45,48,52,55,56 ,57,59,63,68,70,74,77,81,86,87,89,90,99.
    I need the ones that arent listed and anything after 99.

    UD Piece of History
    10,11,15,22,26,37,41,43,48,52,55,59,62,63,64,66,71 ,73,74,76,77,82,84,86,87,112

    If you have any of the cards I havent listed post a reply

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