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    Do "Dutch" auctions on eBay work?

    I've seen these auctions for about 5 years now, ever since I started with eBay, and one of the questions I've always wanted to know was that, has anybody ever bought anything, and did you get anything good. You see the pictures, and you see the price of the auctions. But do they really give away in one of those lots, a Jordan rookie?, a LeBron auto??????

    I can't say it's a scam because I've never bought one, but I have to question them, because the pictures in the auctions always stay the same, yet they supposedly give out these cards?

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    Every once and a while you'll see a legit one but 99% of them are scams. I bought one once just to try it out. It was like $12 after shipping for 10 lots. I didn't get anything that was really worth a ton, but I know others would have been happy with what I got. I'm not really a base card collector.

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    I do some for all the sports, and I have had tons of positive responses, people saying that mine are the best they have bought from. I try to keep them as fair as possible.

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    Sometimes they do work. You really have to have a high, reputable feedback rating though. Thats the first thing I look at in dutch acutions. I look to see how his feedback is and how people liked the lots in the past.

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    I bought some lots once in 2002. I was very happy with them.
    I don't remember what I got but I remember 4 or 5 Derek Jeter rookies. Lots of other good stuff I know but just can't remember.
    I liked them so much I even e-mailed the seller and asked if I could buy more. Instead of doing an auction he just sold me all the rest of his baseball and got another Jeter rookie or 2.

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    I've looked at them before but most of the time all I see is someone with 20+ negatives because everyone got junk. For a few more bucks I can guarantee myself a GU or auto or RC by buying it straight up.

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    I think some are outright scams. When I see that there are only 20 lots and one lot is guaranteed a Labron Auto Jersey card valued at $800 and the lots go for $5/ea it can not be legit. If you bought all the lots the price would be $100 and you would get all the great cards including the Labron Auto for $100 and it just does not happen.

    For the one I am talking about the guy also said he would allow someone to buy all 20 lots and gurantee the Labron for the low price of $100 lot. Well that is $2000. That I can see him doing. But I'm positive if you paid $95 for 19 of 20 lots the Labron would have gone to that one lucky bidder...not You in otherwords.

    In fact this guy had a negative for that very reason. He guranteed a Jordan Fleer Rookie, a Bird/Magic Rookie and another big card in the 50 lots and one guy bought 47 or 50 lots, well guess what that "lucky" other bidder got all the good lots.
    Other guys will be a little more honest and say that someone in one of his auctions will win the Labron, but he can not gurantee it will be in one of these lots. See he can't get hung out on that one, because he can always say "gee, it just hasn't been won yet, but soon"....

    Forget those - the only decent ones I see are the guys who gurantee a GU or an Auto or a graded and if they don't deliver that's fraud so they do, you just might not need another Furcal bat or Chipper Jones jersey.

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