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Thread: 2004 Topps Chrome Box Break

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    2004 Topps Chrome Box Break

    I'm getting into baseball cards this year so I bought a box of Topps Chrome. Here's the refractors/rookies/etc.

    I am looking for Cubs in return. Maybe Albert Pujols or Alfonso Soriano.

    Brad Ausmus
    Cristian Guzman
    Runelyvs Hernandez
    Mike Cameron
    David Murphy(RC)--Red Sox OF--Traded

    Gold Refractors-
    Josh Phelps
    Dioner Navarro(RC)--Yankees Catcher--Traded
    Damian Miller
    Kevin Millar--pending

    Black Refractors-
    Cesar Izturis
    Dave Roberts

    Lance Carter--Traded

    Chris O'Riordan--Rangers 2B
    Todd Self--Astros 1B
    Donald Levinski RC AUTO --Orioles Pitcher

    Derek Lowe Fashionably Great Jersey card.--pending

    All is for trade. LMK
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    Donald Levinski RC AUTO --Orioles Pitcher

    Derek Lowe Fashionably Great Jersey card.

    what are the bv's? i have a hee sop choi gud on my site lmk if intrestead

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    no bvs yet...sorry, current cubs. choi is a marlin.

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    I would be interested in the Murphy refractor and the Dioner Navarro gold refractor. I have a 2002 Bowman Best Mark Prior Blue #ed to 300. I have a few nice Sosa inserts I could add also. LMK if your interested.


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    Dioner Navarro(RC)--Yankees Catcher

    Don't really have anything for trade from your list.. do you like card cash or no?

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    seriously i didnt know that sorry im a lil slow lol

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    rcc- Much interest in the prior...what sosas? also, any aramis ramirez in a cubbies uni?

    Yanks-no interest in cc

    steelers-no problem.

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    I could throw in a
    2002 Sammy Sosa Topps Traded Chrome Who Would have thought
    2003 Kerry Wood Donruss Signature Series Team Trademark #ed 500
    and I found the following Aramis Ramirez: 2003 Topps traded and 2003 Topps Traded Chrome.

    BV on all of this with the Prior #ed to 300 is close to $20.

    Would you be willing to trade Murphy refractor, Navarro gold and the lance carter x-fractor for what I have above?



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    how about this: i help you get the dave roberts signed in person, and you let me keep the lance carter...or vice versa..lmk

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    rcc--yes I could do that. do you have any a little hesitant about trading with people with 0 feedback. PM me.

    Dmiles-i dont need a dave roberts signed card. id rather tradeit to rcc

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