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Thread: Arizona Rookie League

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    Arizona Rookie League

    Let me know if there are any good looking prospects in the AZ summer league. I live in Phoenix, and have good access to many of the parks. I especially live near the Brewers and Mariners stadiums.

    Im not sure if there are any top prospects out here right now but Im sure that you guys will know.

    Im trying to get a few brewers prospects thursday as they take on the royals. Im going to check the royals roster as well.

    PM me with any info. I could trade any photos you may want for other autos. I am also going to try to get balls signed by the players as well
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    Best prospect on each team:
    Angels- (coaches on team: dick schofield and trevor wilson former mlb players)
    Rolando Gomez
    Rich Thompson-reahb stint. He is on MLB 40 man roster
    Athletics- (coach- Craig lefferts former MLB player)
    a couple guys for this team
    Jose Garcia -rehab stint
    Michael Madsen- has some bowmans
    Juston Street -Huston's brother
    Grant Desme- hes on the roster but done for the year

    Jacob Odorizzi

    Matthew Cerda -stud
    Jon Lieber- is not with team anymore

    Wendell fairley 1st round pick
    Conor Gilaspie

    not sure have never graphed them

    Tyler Mead= rehab
    Mat Latos- rehab
    Andrew Cumberland -rehab

    JOHN Rheinecker - mlb rehab assignment
    Clark Murphy
    Aja Barto

    Royals: (COACH Mark Davis NL Cy Young 1989)
    Neal Musser- rehab from triple a
    Michael Montgomery

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