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    I just pulled a 2003 Upper Deck Game Face Jason Giambi autograph. The bv is $100. I'm looking for auto's of Prior, I-Rod, Mags Ordonez, +J.D. Drew. I'd also consider nice gu or low serialed numbgered cards of Mags, I-Rod, A-Rod, Prior, Wood, and J.D. Drew. Lmk I'll consider all offers, thanks Kirk

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    I do like it....not sure I have anything in that range that I'd trade though. Check the site anyways, maybe we'll find something.

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    bdrr: didn't see anything I like

    Acb: I'd do the Giambi for the following:00 SPx Ivan Rodriguez Auto,
    00 UD Scott Rolen Auto JSY, and
    01 Fleer Autographics Lance Berkman. Lmk and thanks for the replies. Kirk

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    Just in case you haven't worked out a deal for the Giambi Auto yet - I have Auto's and Low #'d Cards Listed on my www Site.

    Would be willing to trade in your favor!


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    unless I'm looking up the wrong I-Rod, Beckett online bv on the 00 SPX Signature I-Rod is $40, and the Rolen $50. If you don't want to include the $15 Berkman, I'd take the $10 Harden jersey instead. Lmk, and thanks, Kirk

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    Last time I checked Rolen was $60. I guess it went down last month. My bad. Since my last post, Irod has been traded. See anything else I could add to Rolen/Berkman/Harden?

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    How about the Rolen Jersey auto bv $50, and the 03 UD Sweet Spot Hank Blalock Bat Barrel Auto bv $50

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