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    Recent Pulls Mostly Leaf Limited 56k beware AWESOME :)

    These are just recent pulls from my various box breaks mainly leaf limited :) Memories memories!

    I was just going through pic hosting storage on my sparedollar account and my home internet web storage place and found the pics. I don't scan many of my cards unless I am about to sell them so I thought i would share for anyone who has never seen them.

    Thought yall might want to see some of the cards on my trade list.

    2003 Leaf Limited Joey Harrington Auto/Jersey PRIME /25 from stripe or number

    2003 Leaf Limited Terry Bradshaw Player Threads PRIME /10 5 colors

    2003 Leaf Limited Jeremy Shockey Hard Wear 2-color /100

    2003 Leaf Limited Michael Vick Team Trademarks LIMITED Auto/Jersey /25

    2003 Leaf Limited Jim Thorpe 2-color JACKET JERSEY /100

    2003 Leaf Limited Carson Palmer Silver Spotlight /15 AUTO and Jim Brown /25 GOLD Spotlight

    2003 Leaf Limited Emmmitt Smith/Walter Payton Dual Jerseys /50

    2003 Leaf Limited Box: Carson Palmer contenders preview /25, Manning, Deuce, Brooks Jerseys

    2003 Leaf Limited Staubach Player Threads Dual /50 JERSEYS and Barry Sanders Jersey /50 at the half

    2003 Leaf Limited Tom Brady Jersey Numbers Limited Threads 12/12 PRO BOWL JERSEY/AUTO (sold on ebay for $600)

    2003 Leaf Limited Drew Brees Limited Threads PRIME 3-color /25

    2003 Leaf Limited Earl Campbell Players Threads PRIME /10 College (texas) 2-color/ PRO (Houston Oilers) 2-color JERSEYS

    2003 Leaf Limited Chris Chambers /25 GOLD

    2003 Leaf Limited Deion Sanders Team Trademarks JERSEY/AUTO LIMITED /25 (sold on ebay for $110)

    2003 Leaf Limited Brett Favre Limited Threads Prime Jersey 2-colors /25 AUTO/JERSEY (sold on ebay for $280)

    2003 Leaf Limited 2-Box Break: (i should have nominated myself on this one)
    Joey Harrington Limited Threads PRIME /25 JERSEY/AUTO 3-colors
    Joe Montana Limited Threads /75 positions
    Jason Witten Contenders Preview AUTO /25
    JR Tolver Contenders Preview AUTO /10
    Terrell Owens 3-color HardWear LIMITED /25
    Dan Marino Player Threads Dual /50 JERSEYS
    Montana/McNabb Dual PRIME JERSEYS 2-colors each /10

    2003 Leaf Limited Warren Moon Team Trademarks /50 AUTO/JERSEY (sold on ebay for $35-40)

    2003 Honors Mike VIck Gamey SOuvenirs Silver /75 JERSEY/Ball (on back actually says which game these came from, both from same game)

    2003 Leaf Limited John Riggins GOLD /25

    2003 Leaf Limited Barry Sanders LIMITED Legends PRIME 1/5 from jersey number or stripe SOLID (hard to find)

    2003 Leaf LImited Mike Singletary PRIME college (baylor) 3-color JERSEY /25

    2003 Leaf Limited Emmitt Smith /25 GOLD

    2003 Leaf Limited Emmitt Smith HardWear 2-Color /100 (raised)

    2003 Leaf Limited Fran Tarkenton Legends SEASONS /18 JERSEY/AUTO Giants (sold on ebay for $60 wish i didn't that is a low price)

    2003 Leaf Limited Johnny Unitas GOLD /25

    2003 Leaf Limited Case Break:
    Brett Favre Hardwear /100
    Boller Phenom AUTO /150
    Grossman Phenom AUTO/150
    Trufant contenders preview AUTO /25
    Jim Brown/Bernie Kosar Dual Threads /50
    Carson Palmer Contenders Preview /25 AUTO
    Brian Urlacher Jersey Numbers AUTO/JSY /54

    2003 Leaf Limited more from Case break may have a dupe in there:
    Musa Smith Phenom AUTO /150
    Chris Brown Phenom AUTO /150
    Marcus Allen JERSEY Numbers /32 Raiders
    Jeremy SHockey Player Threads College/Pro /50

    Leftover from a two box break:
    Artose Pinner Phenom AUTO /150
    Dave Ragone Phenom AUTO/150 Green ink
    Carr and Marino Limited Threads /100
    Portis GOLD spotlight /25

    Nice Box break 2003 Leaf Limited:
    McNabb/Vick NFL Logo/3-color jersey PRIME Double Threads JERSEYS /10
    Portis/EJames Double Threads College JERSEYS
    Justin Fargas Silver Spotlight Phenom AUTO /15
    Ricky WIlliams Threads /100

    Some Ultimate patches:

    just the ones that are scanned..

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    Grossman Phenom AUTO/150
    Artose Pinner Phenom AUTO /150
    Portis/EJames Double Threads College JERSEYS

    If you have these lmk prices or trades if you want, thanks.

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    i could use ur 2 grossman autos that i still havent seen a price on and the double jersey of vick/mcnabb...lmk

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    should i send a pm? i see that ur on and i just want you to give me a price on both the grossmans before its too late..

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    I am very very interested in the favre.. LMK what needed or just a cash offer if thats all thats available


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    What are you looking for for the Fargas and the Musa Smith?

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    prophet, i'm assuming the auto/ was sold for $280 on ebay already..i put a note on it...above. let me know if u r talking about the hard wear card.

    cardking, 135 for both grossmans

    $80 for the Fargas /15 auto
    $12 for the musa smith /150 auto

    $90 for both.

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    could use the grossman auto #150 and the chris brown auto #150 check my site lmk if u see anything

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    McNabb/Vick NFL Logo/3-color jersey PRIME Double Threads JERSEYS /10
    i could use this...check my site

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    could use the grossman phenom auto and the urlacher auto lmk

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