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Thread: would you do this trade?

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    would you do this trade?

    id be trading this;
    03 leaf limited 3 color arod patch #22/25 bv-$60 ($looking for more for 3 colors)

    id be getting either of these i want;
    03 ultimate collection ultimate rc auto-weeks $50
    03 fleer hot prospects rc gu bat-weeks-$25

    the weeks auto-$50
    04 prior gu bat-$25

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    personally i would take the trade, just my opinion

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    Dwayne - If I had to pick between the 2,I'd take both Weeks cards. I'd rather have a GU RC of a hot player than a GU bat card of a pitcher.

    Brett ;)
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    Yeah, agreed. I just don't understand the bat cards of pitchers.

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    I would also take the Weeks cards. Seems like a good trade to me!

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    Do it! if Weeks does well that thing will skyrocket up and anways a lot of people here consider GU less vauilible than autos.. That's how I feel....

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    All that matters is that you like the card...if you like weeks or prior more than arod then go for it...

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    ok. thanks for your thoughts guys! i think ill go ahead and do it. dwayne

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