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Thread: wttf:Rookie Recall

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    wttf:Rookie Recall

    I need these:
    Andre Miller
    Darius Miles
    Elton Brand
    Grant Hill
    Gary Payton
    Glenn Robinson
    Kevin Garnett
    Karl Malone
    Pau Gasol
    Richard Hamilton
    Reggie Miller
    Steve Francis
    Tim Duncan
    Tracy McGrady

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    I have the Elton Brand and Grant Hill.....

    The ones your looking for are jerseys correct?

    Do you have any dirk nowitzkis?


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    Your link say collecting and have 4 players...

    Of these 4 players I have a card of 3.
    I have Dahntay Jones Bowman RC.
    I have Josh Howard Bowman RC and a Josh Howard Air Academy.
    I have Mickael Pietrus Bowman RC and his Topp's RC.

    BV on all $17.50

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    hey paul, i need both and i dont have any dirks right now so lmk wat u want

    tgs, i dont need those right now, thanks for posting though

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