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Thread: gu/auto/rc/inserts for trade

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    gu/auto/rc/inserts for trade

    here is the list lmk what your interested in thanks

    baseball gu/ numbered for trade


    Quad Bats/jsy

    2002 Furcal/A-rod/Vizquel/Tejada Ud diamond connections Quad Bat #BA-FVRT BV 40

    2002 thome/thomas/delgado/gonzalez ud diamond connectiond quad bat #BA-TGTD BV 25

    Triple bat/jsy:

    2001 Albert Pujols/Delgado/ordonez spx winning materials #DOP (all jsy) BV 50

    Doudle Jsy/bat

    2003 Sammy Sosa/Mark Prior fleer rookie and greats through the years #ty-ss/mp 357/360

    2001 upperdeck gold glove Aramis Ramirez / Brian Giles #OI-GR (ball)

    Roberto Alomar:

    2003 upperdeck mvp covering the plate #CP-RA (bat) bv8

    Moises ALou :

    2002 Topps Tools of the trade #dtrr-ma BV15 (dual jsy)

    Carlos Beltran:

    2002 leaf Game collection gu bat #CB-B

    Lance Berkman:

    2003 donruss studio big league challenge #BLC-4 (jsy) bv8 (bad crease)

    Carlos Delgado:

    2002 donruss classic new millennium classic 381/500 #nmc-54 BV10

    2002 topps prestine popular demand #pd-cd 709/1000

    Jim Edmonds:

    2001 sp game used edition #JE

    Rollie Fingers:

    2002 w/Jhonny Bench upperdeck world series heroes #mu72a (jsy) BV10

    Cliff Floyd:

    2003 topps pristine bomb squad #pbs-cf (bat) bv 10

    Rafael Furcal:

    2000 sp piece of the game gu bat #RF

    Shawn Green:

    2002 this day in history nno BV8 (two creases around jsy)

    2001 sp gu edditond #sg BV10

    2000 sp game bat eddition piece of the game #sg (bat) BV10

    Rusty Greer:

    2002 leaf game collection #RG-B BV 10

    Ken Griffey JR.

    2003 upperdeck leading swatches #LS-KG (jsy) BV15

    Bo Hart

    2004 Fleer Tradition Stand Out #SO-BH (jsy)

    Chipper Jones:

    2002 fleer genuine Bats incredible #nno

    phil nevin:

    2001 sp gu eddition #pn (X2)

    Jim Palmer:

    2003 Fleer rookie and Greats the naturals #n-jp 171/250 (jsy) bv?

    Rafael Palmeiro:

    2001 Fleer legacy tailor made #nno BV15

    Corey Patterson:

    2001 Leaf rookie and stars Freshman orientation #fo4 BV10

    Gaylord Perry:

    2003 leaf cert. materials 20/82 #FG-125 (jsy) BV15

    Cal Ripken Jr:

    2002 w/Joe Morgan upperdeck classic world series matchups #mu83 (jsy) BV30

    Frank Robinson:

    2003 Topps recoed breakers #ABR-FR (bat) bv10

    CC Sabathia:

    2003 leaf shirt off my back 489/500 #14 (jsy) BV8

    Shannon Stewart:

    2003 Topps 205 #tr-sst

    Robin Ventura:

    2001sp gu eddition #rv BV10

    Jose Vidro

    2003 fleer platinum Heart of the Order #nno 332/400


    autos for trade:



    Austin Kearns topps cert auto issue #TA-AK BV 25
    Morgan Ensberg donruss team heroes #218 BV15

    Keith Ginter rookies and prospects #55 BV 15

    Endy Chavez donruss class of 2001 Rookie Phenoms #234 1/625!!! BV20
    Alex Gonzolez ex signiture 2001 NNo Bv10
    Pedro Santana Royal rookie throwbacks #34 3281/5950 BV?

    scott seal Royal rookies future 4668/4950 BV?
    Rob Pugmire royal rookies futures #15 4653/4950 BV?
    Christian Parker Royal Rookie Futures #22 752/4950 BV?
    Jose Morban royal rookies futures #8 (X3) Bv? 4216/4950, 530/4950 749/4950


    Randall Simon Team Best #mmo BV 5


    James Bonnici Best #nno BV2

    numbered cards for trade


    2003 donruss timless treasures Austin Kearns #9 786/900
    2003 topps pristine tony batista #78 19/99
    2003 topps pristine nook logan (rc) #183 918/1499


    2002 fleer box score Chris Baker #132 1270/2499
    2002 topps gold kazuhisa ishii #427 1641/2002 (RC)
    2002 topps gold octavio dotel #536 1566/2002
    2002 upperdeck gold plus Eric Good 1056/1125 #ud72


    2000 MlB showdown Javier Vasquez 274/462 nno

    inserts / rc for trade


    2004 fleer tradition This Day in History Greg Maddux #TDH4
    2004 topps world series highlights kirby Puckett #WS-kp
    2004 topps program covers #FC1964
    2004 Ultra K Kings Curt Schilling #SK3
    2004 Ultra RBI Kings Todd Helton #RK3
    2004 upperdeck twenty five salute rafeal palmeiro #S-8
    2004 upperdeck national pride dustin pedroia #usa16
    2004 upperdeck national pride micah owings #usa2
    2004 upperdeck national pride justin orenduff #usa1


    2003 ex x-tra innings jeff bagwell #9 of 10
    2003 Flair Greats Ballpark heroes Cal Ripken JR. #bh 8
    2003 fleer rookie and greats the naturals Alex Rodriguez #11tn
    2003 Fleer rookie and greats The Natural Derek Jeter #3TN
    2003 fleer Rookie and Greats the naturals Nolan Ryan #TN9 bv 10
    2003 Fleer rookie and Greats Dynamic Debutes Rich Harden #6DD bv3
    2003 fleer tradition Austin Kearns lumber company #lc28
    2003 topps record breakers Ted Kluszewski #RB-TK
    2003 topps record breakers Wade Boggs #RB-WB
    2003 topps hit parade Mark Grace #HP-25
    2003 topps all stars Adam Dunn #TAS13
    2003 topps tribute perenial all stars hank arron #4
    2003 playoff absolute mem. tools of the trade mark prior #tt-99
    2003 upperdeck mvp express delivery Hideo Nomo #ED9
    2003 upperdeck supperior sluggers Todd Helton #S6
    2003 upperdeck supperior sluggers Manny Ramirez #S3
    2003 upperdeck supperior sluggers Mike Piazza #S10
    2003 upperdeck Supperior sluggers Jim Thome #S5
    2003 upperdeck Supperior Sluggers Ted Williams #S15
    2003 upperdeck masters with leather Alex Rodriguez #L12
    2003 upperdeck masters with leather Scott Rolen #L11
    2003 ultra when it was a game luis aparicio #WG3


    2002 fleer box score amazing greats todd helton #ag5
    2002 fleer box score amazing greats gregg maddux #20ag
    2002 fleer fall classic series champions tony perez #CS12 (x2)
    2002 fleer fall classic series champions ty cobb #SC17
    2002 fleer focus Kings of swing Nomar Garciaparra #16 of 20
    2002 fleer focus K corps Curt Schilling #kc6
    2002 fleer genuine names of the game Manny Ramirez #NG6
    2002 fleer genuin touch em all nomar garciaparra #ta6
    2002 fleer hot prospects co-stars adam Dunn/Shawn Casey #cs12 BV2
    2002 fleer premium international pride pedro martinez #ip12 BV3
    2002 fleer showcase baseballs best rafael palmeiro #6 of 20bb
    2002 fleer showcase baseballs best sammy sosa #18 of 20bb
    2002 stadium club beam team lance berkman # bt1
    2002 topps all world team carlos delgado #AW-20
    2002 topps total total production vladimir guerrero #TP8

    2001 upperdeck big fly zone Manny Ramirez #z3 bv 1.50


    2000 bowmans best Franchise Favorites Johnny Bench #FR1B
    2000 upperdeck reflections in time ivan rodriguez/johnny Bench #R4 BV3
    2000 upperdeck reflections in time Sammy Sosa/Roberto Clemente #R2 BV4


    1995 leaf 300 club will clark #6 of 18 BV $6
    1994 leaf statistical standouts juan gonzalez #3 of 10 BV $1.50
    rc for trade:


    2004 ultra Rickie Weeks #201
    2004 ultra Matt Kata #215
    2004 upperdeck jeremy bonderman SR #21
    2004 upperdeck Xavier Nady SR #30


    2003 donruss champions Ryan Wagner #302
    2003 donruss team Heroes Ryan Wagner #548
    2003 leaf Delmon Young #326
    2003 leaf Ryan Wagner #327
    2003 playoff prestige Dan Haren #208
    2003 playoff Prestige Brandon Webb #202
    2003 playoff prestige Ryan Wagner #207
    2003 topps 205 Rickie Weeks #187
    2003 topps 205 sovereign Rickie Weeks #187 (mini)
    2003 upper deck sr hideki matsui #501 x2 BV10
    2003 upper deck sr brandon webb #503 BV4


    2002 fleer ultra scott posednick #269 BV10

    1995 and below:

    1994 scor alex rodriguez #312
    1993 classic tri sport alex rodriguez #TC3 BV5
    1992 scor manny ramirez #800
    1992 donruss the rookies manny ramirez #98
    1992 topps many ramirez #156
    1991 topps chipper jones #333 x2
    1990 fleer juan gonzalez #297
    1990 topps juan gonzalez #331
    1990 bowman juan gonzalez #492
    1990 donruss bernie williams #689
    1988 Topps tom glavine #779

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    2001 Albert Pujols/Delgado/ordonez spx winning materials #DOP (all jsy) BV 50
    i want this card very badly check my site and let me know what you are interested in.

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    OglesbyC- I am interested in the
    2001 Albert Pujols/Delgado/ordonez spx winning materials #DOP (all jsy) BV 50.

    I have the following:

    Game Used

    2001 Ex- Behind the Numbers Brett Game Used (BV $40.00)
    03 UD Vintage Special Collection Hunter Game Used (This card is short printed and has no listed BV, but I figure about $50.00)

    Pete Rose
    1973 Rose #130
    1974 Murcer/Rose All Stars #336
    1975 Jackson/Rose MVP #211
    1975 Mini Rose #320
    1976 Rose #240
    1977 Rose #450
    1978 Rose Record Breaker #5
    1978 Rose #20
    1979 Rose Record Breaker #204
    1979 Rose #650
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    jfed i am definetly intered in the 73 rose along with the other rose cards and the george brett gu lmk if we can work something out thanks

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    Kazuhiro Sasaki 2002 E-X Game Essentials Jersey
    Vladimir Guerrero 2002 E-X Hit and Run Game Base
    Hideo Nomo 2002 Upper Deck Global Swatch Game Jersey
    Todd Helton 2001 E-X Behind the Numbers Game Jersey
    Tony Gwynn 2001 SP Game-Used Edition Authentic Fabric Jersey
    Trevor Hoffman 2001 SP Game-Used Edition Authentic Fabric Jersey (w/stripe)
    DeShawn Stevenson 2000-01 Fleer Genuine Coverage Mostalgic jersey
    Corey Maggette 2000-01 Upper Deck Encore NBA Warm-ups
    Keyon Dooling 2000-01 Fleer Triple Crown Shoot Arounds warm-up
    LaDainian Tomlinson 2001 Fleer Tradition Rookie Retro Threads
    Warren Sapp 2001 SP Game Used Edition Authentic Fabric

    Are you interested in any of these GU??? I am interested in your certified autographs.

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    d miles the kearns and chavez are pending right now wich ones did you want?

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    Need the 2003 topps pristine nook logan (rc) #183 918/1499. What do you need in trade?

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    Corey Patterson:

    2001 Leaf rookie and stars Freshman orientation #fo4 BV10

    lmk what you need for this OG..


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    OglesbyC- I would like to work out a trade. How about one of these options:

    01 Brett GU
    1978 Rose


    01 Brett GU
    1979 Rose


    01 Brett GU
    1974 Rose A/S
    1975 Rose MVP


    1973 Rose
    1977 Rose
    1974 Rose A/S
    1975 Rose MVP

    or make a different proposal.
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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