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    $86 in paypal looking for a Prior auto

    Checked my paypal account for the 1st time in a couple weeks and saw I had $86 in my account. Since it's "found" money, I figured I might as well spend it. I am looking for a decent Mark Prior Auto. I would prefer 1 semi-high end card, but if you have a couple, thats fine. Just post if you have any, and I will get back with you via PM. Thanks.

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    I have this:

    02 Donruss Fan Club Mark Prior Auto/175

    BV isn't listed, but the "Best of" Fan Club version books $100 and is #'d to 425. Mine is much rarer, so I estimate a $175-200 BV. However, I'd let it go for $86 DLVD. :)

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    I have a 2003 Donruss Diamond Kings Auto /150 of Prior on eBay, I can PM you a link if you like.


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    ac- could you email me a scan please:

    kotsay-please do so

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    I will think about it...i like to shop around. I will get back with you. I wont be on much over the weekend, but expect a response by no later than sunday night. Thank you! BTW, real nice looking card!

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