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    Exclamation Anyone interested in trading for these Randy Moss GU?

    The gold is #'ed 11/25. The are from 2002 UD Ovation "Tried and True".

    If interested, let me know, thanks.


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    Originally posted by Vick2Price
    how much in trade?

    Ill take a look at anything football, I especially like anything Chicago Bears.

    So if ya have a trade list to look at, that would do for me. BTW, if I trade these cards with anyone on this board, they will be in a toploader.



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    i am interested in one of the moss gu particularly the gold looking one, here is my site,

    i have a urlacher jersey, lmk asap

    e-mail me at


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    have tons of cards listed in posts in this forum lmk if ya c anything

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    I am interested all I have I think you'd like is a Bears car it is a 1999 Curtis Enis Hologold Game Gear Ball, LMK

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