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Thread: need?

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    brendan haywood autos, gu, serial numbured and rc's

    tayshaun prince autos, gu, serial numbured and rc's

    kevin garnett autos, gu, serial numbured and rc's

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    ive got...

    Haywood topps xpectations jersey rc
    Garnett fleer force special forces #d to 250 plus about 45 base/inserts

    i need these from your page
    03/04 fleer authentix authenTIX paul gasol
    01-02 Fleer Premium Premium Performers Mike Miller 2/colr bv 15

    lmk thanks

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    i'll trade the gasol for the haywood and what does the kg book

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    the KG books $15, i can do the haywood for the gasol, ill post it on the trades underway forum, thanks

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    wolf--- I have a 1995 -96 Upper Deck collectors choice players club platinum card no. 275 available The current book is $40.00 Are you interested? PLMK Thanks, Mike

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    i'm loojking for garnett so i don't weant to trade mine

    mikeymal not really but thanks any ways

    Gasol16 lmk what you want

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    wolf- the special forces books at $15, i also got 45 different base/inserts, lmk would like to sell and i take paypal, lmk what ya think, thanks

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