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Thread: Two Gu for Sale Cheap

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    Two Gu for Sale Cheap

    Got these GU up for Sale, lmk if interested thanks:

    Rich Aurilia 2003 Stadium Club Born in the USA GU Jersey BV $10
    Vladimir Guerrero 2003 Fleer Authentix GU Jersey BV $10

    Aurilia I want $4 + SASE, it's in great condition. Vlad I want $3 + SASE. Vlad has a crease on both sides of the card outside the jersey. Check my site for scan of Vlad. If you want scan of Aurilia lmk and I will post one thanks.

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    Lowering Prices: $2 + SASE for Vlad and $3 + SASE for Aurilia. LMK thanks.

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