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    becket question, please let me know!

    i have been getting 04 topps chrome, and i really need the prices on these cards, when do you think beckett will put chrome in the priceguide. also, if you are interested, these are the cards i have.
    also can anyone give me a somewhat close price of these cards

    04 topps chrome curt schilling #125
    04 topps chrome kip wells #183
    04 topps chrome joe mays #175
    04 topps chrome lance berkman #25
    04 topps chrome jimmy rollins #76
    04 topps chrome tim worrell #38
    04 topps chrome kevin millar #17
    04 topps chrome terrence long #65
    04 topps chrome bo hart #203
    04 topps chrome david murphy first year #213
    04 topps chrome ty wigginton #62
    04 topps chrome Russell Branyan #109

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    They'll probably be in next months Beckett.....I could use this:
    04 topps chrome david murphy first year #213

    Please check out my site and see if anything interests you. PLMK.


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    I would also be interested in the David Murphy if you cant work anything out sportnut. My guess on BV for it is $5 dollars tops.

    LMK what happens


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