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Thread: Looking for autos

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    Looking for autos

    Looking for the following player autos...does not have to be in Red Sox Uniform...will buy @ the right price

    Bellhorn, Mark
    Williamson, Scott
    McCarty, David
    Florie, Bryce
    Lansing, Mike
    Ohka, Tomo
    Cormier, Rheal
    Rose, Brian
    Guthrie, Mark
    Bragg, Darren
    Leyritz, Jim
    Merced, Orlando
    Swindell, Greg
    Haselman, Bill
    Oglivie, Ben
    DiMaggio, Dom
    Wood, Wilbur
    Lyle, Sparky
    Marichal, Juan
    Baylor, Don
    Seaver, Tom
    Alicia, Luis
    Cansaco, Jose
    Grebeck, Craig
    Pena, Tony
    Quantrill, Paul
    Marzano, John
    Armas, Tony
    Corsi, Jim
    Cone, David
    Suppan, Jeff
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    how were the autos acquired and what are you looking to get for the autos?

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    I got all these guys at Spring Training
    (2)Timlin, Mike
    (4)Burkett, John
    (6)Howry, Bobby
    (2)Person, Robert
    (1)Baerga, Carlos
    (6)Castillo, Frank
    (1)Sanchez, Rey
    (2)Jackson, Damien
    I can sell em fro 1.50 each plus shipping(depending on how many you buy) or the lot for 25 delivered.

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    Have Rose 8x10 got it at a free sigining LMK what you will trade for it, or gimme for it. I got it in person.

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    not really interested in an 8x10...thanks for the response

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