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    Selling this card from my PC...

    2003 Donruss Classics "Significant Signatures" Terence Newman AUTO #'d 45/250 - BV is $50

    i probably won't sell it for anything less than $20.Make me an offer,because every time I post a selling price no one bothers to respond.So just make an offer,if it's something I don't like,I'll respectfully decline.Simple as that,I really need the money,otherwise I wouldn't be selling this card.Anyway,if you're interested - LMK.


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    since you might sell it, would you possibly trade it? I have a $60 couch rc auto......just wondering, if not i understand


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    Vick2Price - thanks for the offer,but I'm just looking to sell it,we need the extra money right now...

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    Segalsgraphs - I'll consider it,and if I don't get any other offers that I like I'll get back to you.

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