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Thread: Wang Auto. FT

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    Wang Auto. FT

    Just got a 2003 Bowman's Best Chien-Ming Wang Autograph #BB-CW. Looking for anything from my sig. Thanks! -Jason

  2. SCC Cyber Week 2017
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    Check my trade page. I have a few Angels in my MLB section.
    Also look at my GU/Auto section (No Angels, but maybe something you can use)

    I am a Yankees fan so I definately want this.



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    Segalsgraphs - I still want the Vlad Auto, how 'bout it?

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    rice80fan2 - I've listed a few here that I like if you could give me some idea on the values maybe we could work something out. Also, just curious, can you explain the Kobe GU to me? It has a real diamond?

    03 DLP Rich Fischer (Angels) #144/734
    04 Topps Welcome to Atlanta All-Star Warm-Ups T- Mac and Jason Richardson Dual GU
    04 UD Authentic Stars Vlad Gurerro
    03 UD Leading Swatches Vlad Gurerro
    02 Donruss Javier Vazquez Career Stat Line #116 (#176/225)
    01 Donruss Baseball's Best Silver Vlad Gurrero #219

    Also, all of the Angels RC's and Inserts (except the Jim Edmonds)

    Thanks for your time and interest! -Jason

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