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Thread: Wood 1/1

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    Wood 1/1

    My roommate just bought one pack of Diamond Kings and got a Kerry Wood gu bat/jersey 1/1 card! he will probably be taking offers is anyone needs it lmk

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    how much cash do you need for it $$$$$$
    I will trade by bv or sv as long as I like what I'm getting


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    wow, what a quick funny as it is he just started collecting and pulled this card!! why can't i get that lucky? anyway, i don't know the bv on this so just pm me offers and i'll le ya know if he's interested....i think he would prefer to sell it, but i could talk him into possibly trading it for an vick or bonds auto possibly! lmk
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    PM sent about the Wood 1/1 and the LT card. Do you have a scan of the LT?

    PLMK in the return PM



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