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    i'm looking for grossman and maybe some anquan boldin. lmk what you have and what you like off my site. thanks

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    2003 Finite Grossman RC Jersey

    Looking for dirk, lmk what you can spare!


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    i have a $25 dirk jsy, but i won't give it up for a $15 grossman. have anything else?

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    03 playoff absolute memorabilia rpm rc gu-grossman.

    i like the leaf shirt off my back gu-arod. plmk, dwayne

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    my bad paul completely forgot about this thread
    2002/2003 topps jersey edition dirk nowitzki copper road jsy (blue) 194/299 bv25

    dewey- i think i have answered you but if not, pm me

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    i have 03 bowman chrome grossman and some aaron brooks rcs. looking for game used. lmk

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    Ok, so what if I add in like a $10 or so RC?

    This way is g/u for g/u plus a RC?


    BTW its a pretty even trade straight up, regardless of BVs, A Grossman RC Jersey card should book higher than $15 and dirk jerseys book as low as $15,

    But either way,

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