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Thread: Tradelist!!

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    1) 2001 stadium club touch of class michael finley (blue) jersey bv20

    2) 2002/2003 fleer showcase basketball's best steve nash (white) jersey bv12

    3) 2002/2003 fleer tradition richard jefferson (blue) jersey/jason terry/mike bibby school ties bv15

    4) 2002/2003 fleer genuine genuine coverage richard hamilton (blue) gu warmup bv15

    5) 2002/2003 fleer genuine on the up richard jefferson (white) jsy bv10

    6) 2002/2003 finest refractor travis best (white) jsy 140/250 bv20

    7) 2002/2003 upper deck generations reel time antoine walker (white) jsy bv15

    8) 2002/2003 upper deck rookie portfolio nene hilario rc (blue) jsy bv12

    9) 2000/2001 fleer feel the game stephon marbury (gray) jsy bv15

    10) 2002/2003 fleer ultra standing "o" baron davis 2 color jsy (teal/purple) bv15

    11) 2002/2003 mvp shooting shirt (gray) stephon marbury bv12

    12) 2001/2002 sp game used edition authentic floor gu stephon marbury bv12

    13) 2002/2003 topps jersey edition dirk nowitzki copper road jsy (blue) 194/299 bv25

    14) 2000/2001 fleer feel the game terrell brandon (blue) jsy bv10

    15) 2000/2001 fleer feel the game keith van horn (black) jsy bv20

    16) 2000/2001 fleer legacy floor generals stephon marbury gu floor bv10

    17) 2000/2001 ovation a piece of history larry hughes gu ball w/writing bv25

    18) 2003/04 fleer ex behind the numbers vince carter (white) jsy bv15 (has creases want $10 in trade)


    1) 1995/1996 fleer kevin garnett rc

    2) 2002/2003 fleer platinum nene hilario rc ( i have two of these) bv4

    3) 2000/2001 topps chrome desmond mason rc 1177/1999 bv5

    4) 2002/2003 fleer tradition carlos boozer/jay williams/mike dunleavy rc

    5) 2000/2001 topps chrome craig "speedy" claxton rc 0471/1999 bv5

    6) 2002/2003 ultra chris wilcox rc bv4

    7) 2002/2003 fleer tradition yao ming/amare stoudemire/kareem rush rc bv15

    8) 2002/2003 fleer premium chris jefferies rc 1290/1500 bv5

    9) 2002/2003 topps chrome chris wilcox rc bv6

    10) 1999/2000 topps vince carter rc bv6

    11) 2002/2003 ultra manu ginobli rc bv6

    12) 2003/2004 fleer ex sofoklis schortsanitis essential credential future rc 3/7!!! no pricing due to scarcity


    1) 1997/1998 upper deck game dated john stockton bv25

    2) 1993/1994 upper deck 20,000 points michael jordan/dominique wilkins bv8

    3) 1997/1998 ud3 winning edge dedication die cut joe dumars

    4) 2002/2003 upper deck honor roll vince carter popular acclaim bv5

    5) 2000/2001 topps chrome magic johnson refractor bv20

    6) 2002/2003 fleer tradition mike dunleavy playground rules

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    Need that nowitzki!,

    Also maybe the finley and nash if you can find some cheap football g/u on my site that interest you,

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    paul- i would trade either the nash or finley for a kg gu card. lmk

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    kg's are actually in a trade right now, im waiting to see if the trader sends, hes sending first....

    Plus I cant do a superstar g/u for a common semi-star g/u......

    LMK if you see anything else, esp. trying to get out....


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