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    i am trying to pick up all of his rc autos i currently have 6 and jsut won his hardest and rarest playoff contenders auto off ebay... please lmk if you guys can help thanx

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    Man, you were the guy that bid 56.00 on the card. I was going to bid on it but right now I have graduation bills and a new lap top bill in the near future that I need to worry about. Congrats on the win man.

    If you still have interset in that bowman chrome auto that I have check my ebay auctions is all i got to say. I put it up with a pretty decent jersey because im kinda sick at looking at some of my cards and i need something better then a plain ole jersey to go with my trip mask of bennett


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    o wow, must a really wanted the card.. either way congrats on a nice win.. it would be an excellent card to have


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    im tryin to get all of his rc autos and thats his best rc so

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    yeah, definetly a good buy.. i got the chambers bowmans best auto on ebay if your still interested.. you can go from there


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    not a problem thnx for looking.. I want a few nice memorabilia cards and figured the only way to sweeten the deal on the jersey is to throw in the auto


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