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Thread: 2 Derek Jeter auto's for trade

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    2 Derek Jeter auto's for trade

    Hi everyone I have these 2 jeter auto's for trade:

    Derek Jeter 2002 Fleer Premium Diamond Stars Autograph BV $150
    Derek Jeter 2003 Fleer Focus JE Materialistic Autograph $125 (Reduced value on the card because it has 3 very small creases on it. Regular bv is $150)

    I am looking to trade these only for a sosa auto, or prior auto. You can email me at if interested or pm me

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    I have a few Prior Autos for trade...

    02 Topps 206 ($100) and 02 Donruss Fan Club (No BV, want $200).

    LMK if you're interested in either. I'd love to see a scan of the Fleer Premium Jeter.

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    acbaseball, what is the #on the prior donruss fan club auto? I'll have a scan of both jeter's later today

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    There's no serial numbering on the Fan Cub set. As for a regular number on the back, it's 210. The 'Best of' Fan Club version is serial numbered to 1350 or so (first 450 were auto'd), and books $100. I figure $200 is fair BV to ask, since this one is /175 according to Beckett My Collections.

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    ACbaseball, do you have a scan? If it's not serial #'d how do you know it's #'d to 175? PLMK, also I am sending you a scan of the jeter auto's

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