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    Autos to trade for Barry Zito commons

    Nothing big, mostly SR/best/just minor leauge autos (all certified). Also have some press pass in basketball. I need any Barry Zito regular issues and inserts that you have. All I ask is that you trade 2X in my favor. IE If you have $10 BV worth of Zito, I send you $5 BV worth of autos. Minimum deal has to be at least $15 BV or 20 cards. I don't need a list. Just no duplicates.

    If deal is small, I may send in top loader in a regular envelope instead of bubble mailer.

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    I know that I have some Zito cards. What autos do you have for trade? Any Marcus Giles?

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    They're mostly commons. Not going to trade autos of star players for regular issues.

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