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    WTTF Chipper Jones and Marcus Giles

    Hey everyone. I am still looking for any Chipper Jones or Marcus Giles cards that I do not have. My havelist is on my site.

    Also, my tradepage is UPDATED as of today, March 1, 2004. I have added a ton of new cards to my site, including 2004 Donruss! LMK what you have. Thanks.

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    Chipper Jones
    Bowman Heritage 02
    Bowman 03
    Bowman Gold 03
    Bowman Chrome 03 Refractor

    Marcus GIles
    Topps 04
    Donruss 04
    Fleer Tradition 04

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    I have a few chipper jerseys I listed on my site you may looking for autos or g/u in return, lmk if you need any,


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    Chipper Jones
    1992 Topps
    1999 Topps All-Topps NL Team
    2000 Fleer Tradition Grasskickers
    2000 Fleer Tradition Halls Well
    2000 Fleer Tradition Checklist
    2000 Victory
    2000 Victory Big Play
    1999 Topps

    LMK If interested. thanks


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    lazer128- The only one I can use is the 04 Fleer Tradition Marcus Giles, and I'd prefer to make a larger trade than that as Giles is but a minor star. If you get any more of my players in, lmk and maybe we could do a Teixeira/Jones & Giles trade.

    paul06901- The only one I can use is this:
    2004 Leaf "Picture Perfect" Chipper Jones Bat #PP-6

    I added a few new GU and a ton of new cards to my site since we previously talked. LMK if we can work somethin out.

    Cowboy2004- Sorry, I already have them all. Thanks for the reply.

    whatnobeer420- I will check your site when I have time. It is taking forever to load for me on my dialup modem. I'll get back to you.

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    Any interest in a 2001 Fleer Genuine Final Cut Chipper Jones (White with Blue Stripe) I have some more cards on my web site if you have time to look. Thanks

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    I can use this:
    2001 Fleer Genuine Final Cut Chipper Jones

    Did you like anything from my site?

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    Any interest in a 97 topps chrome diamond duos refractor...chipper/andruw?

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    I have these:
    Marcus Giles
    1999 Just [Just Longshots] Insert
    2001 Topps [Prospect]

    Chipper Jones
    1994 Upper Deck Collectors Choice [Silver Sig]
    1994 Leaf

    Do you have any Andruw Jones or 2004 Topps? Also would you give any CC? If so,how much?

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