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Thread: Making free banners!

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    Making free banners!

    Decided to start making banners for free. Will be making them live tonight, LMK what you want :)
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    Collecting all Ottawa Senators cards

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    could you make me a jim thome one? preferably in a phillies uniform?
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    Collect Jim Thome and phillies!

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    Martellus Bennett with "I want all Martellus Bennett?"
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    Zambrano/Harden on one side then it flashes to Dempster and and Lilly

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    I would like a jeff Francoeur, Jack Hannahan, scott baker and justin Morneau
    if you can
    Thanks man!
    Looking For all: MN Twins, 07 Artifacts Autofacts Autos, BTL's!!
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    Can you do A Devin Harris & Sean Williams Nets one. Thanks alot man.
    Always looking for Devils and Eagles autos you may have!
    Also looking for Kenny Britt autos!
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    can u make me one with calvin johnson and marshawn lynch. and then if u can make it change to rodney stuckey and dwyane wade. if you can only do one do the lynch/johnson one. thanks

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