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    Wanted: 04 Fleer Tradition base cards!

    Looking for any and all 04 Fleer Tradition base cards.

    PLMK what you have!


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    i have a ton also trying to put the set together i get you a list thanks
    I will trade by bv or sv as long as I like what I'm getting


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    I have a good bit of them. Would you be interested in buying them?

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    If anyone is looking for specific #'s, let me know. I have a few of them around.

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    Mctiger-Looking to trade for them

    Ckretsqrl-Just name the ones you have,

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    Palmiero, Gibbons, Durham, Kapler, Pineiro, Arod, Cameron, Clayton, Encarnacion, Sanders, Jeter, Buehrle, Byrnes, Redman, Sasaki, JE.Giambi, Roberts, Rueter, Kim, Burnett, Beltre, Furcal, Santiago, JU.Franco, Patterson, Hudson, Millwood, Berkman, Hall, Sardinka, HO.Ramirez, Sheets, T.Hall, Jordan, Molina, Quinlan, Colon, Relaford, Dunn, Alou, Utley, L.Gonzalez, M.Rivera, Bard, Lieberthal, Rivas, Winn, Smoltz, Surhoff, D.Garcia, Franklin, Durazo, Phillips, Beckett, C.Jones, Hinske, Marquis, Benson, R.Alomar, Kinney, F.Garcia, W.Miller, B.Giles, Davanon, Mantei, T.Martinez, J.Gonzalez, Radke, Guzman

    that's what I have if ya need. I must have put the inserts somewhere else....I need to get organized :-)

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    Need, actually all of them, check my tradelist and hopefully we can work something out!

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