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Thread: 03 Playoff Contenders Break

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    03 Playoff Contenders Break

    Not to bad here I guess..

    Got all the base set cards besides one...

    Legendary Contenders Insert- Steve Largent
    Rookie Round-Up- Artose Pinner #'d 93/375
    MVP Contenders- Brett Favre
    Rookie of the Year Contenders- Terrell Suggs
    Rookie Autos-
    Billy McMullen (Keeping)
    Kevin Williams (Vikings)
    Rien Long (Titans)
    Zuriel Smith (Cowboys)

    Not to bad, probably didn't get my moneys worth but it's alright I guess... Most stuff is up for trade unless otherwise noted...

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    Boldin- Fabric of the Future
    That Leftwich Jersey I wanted


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    Sorry not wanting to trade two HOT guys for nobodies. I still would like them, anything else?

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    The Joey Harringtin SPX Winning Materials is that a combo GU? and what is it like football/jsy or something... dont matter to me would u do the Harrington for both Autos?

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    Kevin Williams (Vikings auto contenders
    could use this let me know what you're looking for
    thanks jeff

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    Can you list more than one card you're interested in, thanks.

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    Foosman- Could use LeBron, Carmelo stuff, Eagles Autos or GU, or some 2003 Football RC's I collect like, Leftwich, Boldin, A. Johnson, C. Rogers, D. Davis

    Lost Soul- I like the Leftwich Jsy, Boldin Jsy, and Harrington Winning Materials

    Goingwild- could use your 1999 Bowman Chrome Champ Bailey RC for the Pinner LMK

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