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Thread: Basketball Rookies for Sale!

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    Basketball Rookies for Sale!

    I got these RC's for sale or possible trade, only willing to trade for any LeBron's I dont have, Melo, or Boozer RC's possibly.

    04 Topps Bazooka T..J Ford RC Comic
    04 Topps Bazooka Ben Handlogten Mini RC
    04 Topps Bazooka David West Mini RC
    04 Topps Bazooka Zoran Planinic RC
    04 Topps Bazooka Mike Sweetney Bazooka Joe RC
    04 Topps Bazooka Willie Green RC
    04 Topps Bazooka James Jones RC (x2)
    04 Topps Bazooka Kedrick Perkins RC
    04 Topps Bazooka Jerome Beasley RC
    04 UD Rookie Exclusives Steve Blake RC (x2)
    04 UD Rookie Exclusives Travis Hansen RC
    04 UD Rookie Exclusives Luke Walton RC
    04 UD Rookie Exclusives Slavko Vranes RC
    03 Topps Dan Dickau RC
    04 Victory Rookie Orientation Luke Ridnour RC
    04 UD MVP Luke Ridnour RC
    04 Topps Pristine Jarvis Hayes RC Refractor #'d 135/149
    04 Topps Bazooka Gold Josh Howard RC (Thick Gold Card)
    04 Topps Bazooka T.J. Ford Gold RC (Thick Gold Card)

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    also just got these in

    04 Topps Bazooka GOLD RC's!!!
    Bazooka Joe Mike Sweetney
    Bazooka Joe Jarvis Hayes
    James Jones
    Maciej Lampe
    Francisco Ellison (x2)

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