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Thread: WTT/WTTF 2004 Diamond Kings

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    WTT/WTTF 2004 Diamond Kings

    Hi all

    I would like to trade for the following 2004 Diamond Kings.

    151 Clemens White Bordered Color
    151 Clemens Bronze Color and Black #d/100
    151 Clemens Silver Color and B/W #d/50
    3 Garciaparra Silver #d/50
    33 Ramirez Bronze #d/100 and Silver #d/50
    90 Pedro Martinez Silver #d/50
    135 Schilling Bronze #d/100 and Silver #d/50
    139 Nixon Silver #d/50
    161 Yastremski Bronze #d/100 and Silver #d/50

    I would also be interested in the Silver Gray Bordered #d/100 and Black Bordered #d/25 cards of thes players.

    I have the following 2004 Diamond Kings for trade.

    FlashBacks and Legends Color 152,153,155,156,158,159,160,161,163,
    FlashBacks and Legends Black and White 153,157,163,164,168,169
    FlashBack Bronze Black and White 155 Palmeiro 11/100
    Silver No Border 95 Griffey 21/50
    White Bordered Color 8,19,23,34,47,73,90,161
    White Bordered Black and White 157 FlashBack Piazza
    Silver Bordered 14 Jae Weong Seo 036/100
    Black Bordered Gold 145 Mike Mussina 01/25
    Hall of Fame Heroes 45 Brett 34/250, 47 Ryan 35/250
    Gallery of Stars G9 Clemens, G11 Pujols
    Heritage collection HC-11 Sanders, HC-25 Grace
    TimeLine T-3 Mussina
    Team TimeLinesTT-5, TT-9, TT-19

    I have many base card Diamond Kings for trade and i will have more color and black and white FlashBacks and Legends for trade.

    I also have many other cards for trade, 2004 Donruss, 2004 Topps, Topps Chrome and 2004 Fleer Tradition base cards and SP"s.

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    What do you want for the Yaz card and is it the Color or B/W Version.


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