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Thread: Looking for Finite Jerseys

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    Looking for Finite Jerseys

    I'm Looking for Finite Jerseys at the moment. Also looking for Michael Bennett, Brett Farve, and Onterrio Smith. lmk what you have.

    My Tradelist:

    Game Used
    2003 Michael Bennett Fleer Showcase Football’s Best Jersey #FB-MB
    2003 Drew Bledsoe Topps Chrome Pro Bowl Jersey #PB-DB
    2003 Drew Bledsoe Ultra Touchd own Kings Jersey #TK-DB
    2001 Daunte Culpepper EX Behind the Numbers Jersey #6 607/789
    2001 Cris Carter Donruss Classics Hashmarks #H M-15
    2001 Cris Carter Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Lea ther and Laces #LL4
    2002 Cris Carter Private Stock Game Warn Jersey Logos #70 110/160
    2002 Cris Carter Playoff Peice of the Game Jersey #POG-10
    2003 Cris Carter Donruss Classics Classic Mat erials #CM-30 205/400
    2002 Daunte Culpepper Donruss Classics New Millennium Classics Jersey #NM-5 109/400
    2002 Daunte Culpepper Flair Franchise Farvorites Jerseys #2
    2002 Daunte Culpepper Fleer Box Score Yard Markers Jerseys #4
    2002 Daunte Culpepper Upper Deck Ovation Jerseys #OJ-DC
    2002 Daunte Culpepper Ultra San Deigo Bound Jersey
    2002 William Green Upper Deck Rookie Futures Jerseys #RF-WG
    1999 Randy Moss Playoff SSD Momentum Team Thread Checklist #TTC 24
    2002 Randy Moss Flair Jersey Heights #9
    2002 Randy Moss Fleer Showcase Footballs Best Jersey #FB25

    2003 Carson Palmer Upper Deck Honor Rol l Dean’s List Jersey #DL-CP*
    2003 Chad Pennington UD Patch Collection Embroidered Patch Box Topper #CP
    2003 Willie Pile Upper Ceck Rookie Futures Jerseys #RF-WP
    2001 Robert Smith Fleer Showcase Showcase Threads #12
    2003 Duce Staley Topps Pristine Pristine Preformance Jersey #PP-DS
    2002 Kurt Warner Fleer Showcase Football’s Best Jersey #FB-KW
    2003 Ricky Williams Fleer Showcase Avent Card Jersey #AV-RW 650/999
    2003 Ricky Williams Topps Pristine Pristine Preformance Jersey #PP-RW

    1998 Robert Smith Collector’s Edge Odyssey Prodigles Autograph #27

    2002 Daniel Graham/Jeremy Shockey Fleer Minis #2 78 119/125 BGS 9

    High End RCs
    2003 Andre Johnson Upper Deck Finite #292 075/100 $60.00 (on ebay)

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    I have Terence Newman black version #'d to 99 bv is $25
    Hidden Content Lists, Pics, Wants, Etc (Forever A Work In Progress)
    What I collect: Many different wrestlers and sets || Non-sport sets (movie/tv shows)
    NASCAR Atwood, Kahne, Hamilton Jr, Leffler, Eclipse sets
    Football Titans | Bucs | Vols |MTSU| Vandy | Gators| Tyrone Calico | Tee Martin
    Hockey Shea Weber, Ryan Suter, David Legwand & Other Nashville Predators

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    i have a boldin Finite jsy

    I'm interested in this
    2003 Justin Fargas Topps All American Autographs #AA-JF
    pm me if interested....

    will get back to you late tonight

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    2003 Bethel Johnson Playoff Contenders Rookie Season Ticket Auto #147 183/484 (pending)

    LMK if that stops pending....I have plenty of finite jerseys for you..

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    knotinmud- don't need the black version. sorry.

    claybate- pm will be sent in a minute ;)

    portisfan26- I will lyk if that card becomes available

    Thanks for the replys guys.

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    claybate- I tried sending you a pm but your box was full so it didn't work. Please pm me when you get a chance. thanks

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    matt.. I got the burleson finit jersey FT.. I would sell for 4.00 dlvd if you like... BTW I got a few lower end favre rookies graded psa 9.. If you are willing to part with a good bennett rookie((30 and up)) LMK as i collect him since hes a badger


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    pr0phet- I really don't care for graded cards, plus I don't have any dupe bennetts other then this:
    2003 Michael Bennett Fleer Showcase Football’s Best Jersey #FB-MB

    I can trade this Bennett for the burleson. If you don't want to do that I will take it for $4. lmk

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    Nahh I would prefer the cash payment.. I really have no use for bennett memorabilia at the moment unless its a nice card. I am collecting fletcher, bollinger, and dayne as my big focuses at the moment. I will be pmming my address shortly for you


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