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Thread: any interest?

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    any interest?

    Just seeing if there would be any interest in another yahoo fantasy league, only everyone puts up a card, winner gets first pick of 9 cards and second place gets the rest.......before i make a league i want to make sure that others would do this....lmk

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    Well if you want to make afirst-second place rewarding effort.. Maybe let 1st place get 5 cards.. second place gets 5 4 cards.. i dont understand why second place would get 8 of 9 cards


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    I took it to mean the winner get to pick the first 9 cards in the pool. The second -place winner would get 3 cards--assuming its a 12 team league. After reading the original post again, I can see where pr0phet took it a different way.

    Would it be a head-to-head league or rotisserie league?

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    yeah singledaddy that is what i meant....sorry prophet i see where that could be confusing.......i meant winner gets 9 cards....second gets 3 cards....12 teams total!

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